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What is Forex?

Forex is the world’s most widely traded market, with an average of over $7 trillion traded globally every day. It is also known as foreign exchange, forex, FX and currency trading.

Why over 10-million people trade:

  • Liquidity and Accessibility: Forex is the largest financial market, operating 24/5, offering high liquidity and flexible trading times.

  • Low Entry Barriers: You can start forex trading with minimal initial capital and leverage can boost potential returns.

  • Profit in All Market Conditions: Unlike some markets, with forex profit can be made in both rising and falling markets by buying one currency and selling another.

  • Technological Advances: Modern trading platforms such as SmartCharts provide easy access to market data and trading tools, making forex trading more accessible.

  • Time Freedom: As forex markets are open 24/5, you can trade on your schedule, allowing for greater control over your work-life balance.

Benefits of Joining Us

Forex trading offers high liquidity, accessibility around the clock, the potential for profit in both rising and falling markets, diversification opportunities, and greater control over work-life balance.

FREE Courses

Learn to Trade offers award-winning Forex education and strategies, supported by our expert team. Gain hands-on experience on our live trading floor and boost your confidence – sign up for our free workshop today!

Monitoring &

Experience seamless forex trading with our advanced monitoring and alerts system. Stay informed about crucial market movements and make timely decisions for optimal performance.

Trading for

Forex trading is a versatile financial opportunity accessible to everyone over 18, regardless of experience or background. With the right education and tools, anyone can embark on a rewarding journey in the world of currency trading.

One – To – One Mentorship

Benefit from personalised guidance with our award-winning 1-on-1 mentorship program tailored for your forex trading journey. Your coach will give you expert insights and support to enhance your skills and boost your trading success.

Access to SmartCharts

Our chosen platform, SmartCharts, is a cutting-edge trading analytical tool with integrated eLearning, for both beginners and professionals. As a pioneering hybrid of eLearning and trading analytics, it guarantees uncompromised quality, content, and features, designed by traders, for traders.


Rely on our dedicated technical support team to assist you with any forex trading platform or tool-related queries. Ensure smooth trading experiences with prompt, professional help whenever you need it.

Voted Best Global FX Educator

We’re proud of our distinguished recognition as a finalist in the esteemed London Excellence Awards, and our ranking in the illustrious Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards. In addition, our commitment to quality education has earned us multiple Best Educator awards from respected institutions such as World Finance Magazine, Global Banking & Finance, and Wealth and Finance Magazine.


Individuals trained globally

Since Greg Secker set up Learn to Trade in 2003 in London, the organisation has trained more than 400,000 people and expanded across the globe.


Countries Engaged

Learn to Trade has conducted training to over 30 countries worldwide, helping people from diverse backgrounds to gain financial knowledge and trading skills. Their global presence demonstrates their commitment to empowering individuals with the tools to achieve financial freedom.

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Our Awards

Our chosen trading platform

Experience the power of SmartCharts, a revolution in trading and eLearning, offering unrivaled quality, user-friendly tools, and robust analytics to both professionals and beginners, all from the comfort of your pocket.

User-Friendly interface

SmartCharts offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for traders of all levels to access and use its advanced tools and features.

  • Designed by traders, for traders from the ground up

  • Providing a seamless and intuitive experience that allows traders to focus on their analysis and trading strategies.

Advanced charting & Analysis

SmartCharts offers a wide range of advanced charting and analysis tools, including 120+ technical indicators and drawing tools. These tools allow traders to conduct comprehensive technical analysis of the markets and make informed trading decisions.

  • SmartCharts’ advanced charting and analysis tools are highly customisable and offer multiple time frame analysis, making it easy for traders to tailor their analysis techniques to their individual preferences and trading strategies.

  • The platform’s comprehensive set of technical analysis tools provides traders with a powerful and flexible toolkit for conducting in-depth analysis of the markets.

Comprehensive education & support

SmartCharts’ comprehensive education and support, powered by Learn To Trade, includes access to experienced traders and educators who offer training, coaching, and mentoring, as well as a range of educational materials, to help traders develop their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the markets.

  • The SmartCharts team of experienced traders and educators are on hand to provide personalised support and guidance.

How to Get Started Today

We would love for you to start, or continue, your forex journey with us. We are a globally recognised forex education provider with over 20 years of experience, armed with multiple awards and a reputation as the foremost forex educator.

To get started, we recommend that you start with one of our FREE online web classes. Alternatively, please click on ‘Courses’ above to see your options to join one of our courses.

IMPORTANT: We understand that there are a lot of resources available online. However, please proceed with caution. Not all forex providers have your best interests at heart, and there’s an unfortunate abundance of misinformation out there. For over 20 years, we’ve prioritised integrity and transparency, helping traders navigate this exciting market safely and confidently. Remember, your financial well-being is important, so choose your forex education partner wisely. Exercise caution when considering forex resources from unproven sources; not all information is created equal.

*In-person attendance is only available in some countries.

Addressing the Toughest Challenges in Forex Trading: Innovative Coaching Solutions

Our innovative coaching solutions address the toughest challenges in forex trading, empowering traders with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed.

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