Ask The Experts – Episode Two

“We need external influence to start shaking us up”
– Dr Joy Conlon

Welcome back to another episode of Ask the Experts. In this second episode, we tackle the burning question: Can you become a full-time trader and make a living through trading?

Join me and Dr. Joy Conlon, a renowned psychologist specialising in trader psychology, as we dive deep into the world of full-time trading. We’ll discuss the essential skills you need, the importance of education and mentorship, and effective risk management strategies.

But it’s not just about the technical aspects. We’ll also explore the psychological side of trading as a full-time occupation. We’ll delve into the right mindset, how to handle uncertainty and losses, and the secrets to maintaining discipline and focus.

Whether you’re considering a career in trading or looking to take your skills to the next level, this episode is packed with valuable insights that can transform your approach. Don’t miss out!

In this episode…

Greg Secker
Greg SeckerFounder of Learn To Trade
Greg, the founder of Learn To Trade, the world’s largest private trader education company, began his career as one of the youngest vice presidents at Mellon Bank. He left at 26 to focus on trading and teaching others, turning his home-based operation into a multi-million £ global brand. Since 2003, he’s trained over 300,000 people worldwide, received numerous awards, and shared stages with eminent figures like Tony Robbins and Bill Clinton.
Dr Joy Conlon
Dr Joy ConlonBehavioural Psychologist
Dr. Joy, an esteemed expert in behavioural psychology, has utilised her distinctive expertise to revolutionise trading in the finance world. By combining her profound knowledge of psychology and trading, she aids traders in honing their skills, surpassing their performance limits and uncovering their inherent wealth blueprints. Her transformative approach to uncovering unconscious beliefs and attitudes has positioned her as an indispensable asset in the trading community, guiding traders towards unprecedented success and personal transformation.

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