Greg Secker

Entrepreneur | Master Trader | Philanthropist

Meet Greg Secker: Master Trader, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Internationally Renowned Speaker and Family Man. Having become a multi-millionaire in his twenties, he founded Learn to Trade, now the worlds leading trader coaching company. From the creation of the first online real-time Forex trading platform to serving as a VP at a Fortune 500 investment bank, Greg’s career trajectory has been nothing short of inspiring. His passion for education birthed Learn to Trade, which has equipped over 400,000 individuals worldwide with trading skills. Known for his rapid business growth, trading mastery, and philanthropy, Greg continues to push boundaries. A steadfast advocate for giving back, he established a charitable foundation, The Greg Secker Foundation, to improve others’ quality of life globally. A true trailblazer, Greg Secker, is redefining what it means to be a success in the trading world.

“Trading isn’t just about making money; it’s about making smart decisions and learning from every trade.”
– Greg Secker

The Early Days

Embarking on a remarkable journey, Greg Secker leapt into the financial world at Thomas Cook Financial Services. Not content with the ordinary, he transitioned into the foreign exchange business, spearheading an innovative venture called the Virtual Trading Desk (VTD). This pioneering platform was a game-changer, becoming the first online, real-time Forex trading portal, providing instantaneous quotes for substantial foreign exchange transactions.

Greg’s exceptional acumen and strategic prowess led him up the corporate ladder swiftly, landing him the prestigious role of Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation, a major Fortune 500 investment powerhouse in the United States. This experience allowed him to rub shoulders with the world’s elite traders, where he gleaned invaluable trading strategies that would cement his status in the trading world.

Armed with these strategies, he significantly amplified his personal trading account, motivating a bold decision to depart Mellon. From his home, he established a trading floor, creating a robust foundation for the birth of Learn to Trade just three months later. Today, his brainchild stands as a beacon in the trading education space, guiding countless individuals towards their financial freedom.

The Beginnings of Learn To Trade & Smart Charts

Following his successful stint at Mellon, Greg found himself back in the UK, comfortably retired in his late 20s. It was during this period of rest and reflection that the seeds for Learn to Trade were sown. Finding joy in teaching his friends the art of trading, Greg identified a demand for accessible and comprehensive trading education. He decided to channel this newfound passion into a fully-fledged venture, and so, Learn to Trade was born.

The company experienced a meteoric rise, with recognition swiftly following its inception. It earned a finalist spot in the London Excellence Awards and claimed the 49th position in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Award, a coveted accolade that honours the UK’s fastest-growing companies. Learn to Trade’s commitment to empowering individuals with trading knowledge did not go unnoticed. It has simce won the title of ‘Best Educator’ by World Finance Magazine for multipile consecutive years and received the ‘Best Forex Educator’ award in the Global Banking & Finance Review. Further acclaim included the ‘Best for Forex Trading Training’ and ‘Best Trading Education Product’ awards from Wealth and Finance.

Fuelled by his ambition to make trading more accessible and driven by the desire to innovate, Greg’s journey did not stop there. After empowering over 400,000 students through Learn to Trade, he saw a new opportunity to revolutionise the trading world. This led to the creation of SmartCharts, a groundbreaking trading platform designed with traders in mind. The platform, founded on the principles of user-friendliness, precision, and real-time data, further solidified Greg’s reputation as a trailblazer in the trading education space.

“True success is measured not by what we gain, but by what we give.”
– Greg Secker

The Greg Secker Foundation & Future Projects

Greg is not just a celebrated trader and entrepreneur, but a dedicated philanthropist too. His notable humanitarian efforts are embodied by the Greg Secker Foundation, committed to rebuilding a thriving community in Lemery, the Philippines, devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. The foundation’s ambitious project involves constructing over a hundred homes, equipped with essential utilities, and providing skill-based education to foster a self-sustaining community.

Witnessing the ravages of the typhoon and its impact on close family friends, Greg felt a personal call to action. Initiating with the provision of few new homes, Greg’s vision expanded to build a resilient community that extends beyond housing. Thus, the foundation has devised a strategic plan that incorporates land clearance, construction, utilities setup, and the creation of a community training centre.

Through the foundation’s tireless efforts and with the support of local residents and government departments, the Greg Secker Foundation Village is a beacon of hope, reflecting Greg’s unwavering commitment to social welfare and community building. It stands as a testament to resilience, rebirth, and the transformative power of philanthropy.

Greg Secker, ever the valiant innovator, is constantly conceptualising new projects and initiatives. Stay tuned to this space to be the first to discover the exciting ventures he brings to life next.

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