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  • Journey of forex trading

Understanding Forex Trading for Beginners: Navigating Your Trading Journey

Wondering about the profitability of forex trading? If you're stepping into the world of forex trading for the first time, you've landed in the perfect spot. This piece will provide a comprehensive walkthrough of forex trading fundamentals. We'll cover the initiation into forex trading, crafting a strategy, the trading hours, among other crucial aspects. What Does Forex Trading Entail? Forex trading, or the exchange of foreign currencies, is a vibrant worldwide marketplace where individuals, businesses, and financial institutions engage in

Is Forex Trading Tax-Free in the UK?

Forex trading in the UK has seen a remarkable increase in popularity. However, a critical question often arises for traders: Is Forex trading tax-free in the UK? This blog aims to demystify the tax implications associated with Forex trading for

  • Federal Reserve Building

Understanding the Fed’s Ongoing Rate Hike Dilemma

In the world of finance, the Federal Reserve, often referred to as the Fed, wields considerable influence over markets and the economy. Recently, the Fed sent shockwaves through the financial landscape by reaffirming its commitment to the possibility of future

  • Person standing in front of a wall filled with multiple screens with charts and graphs

Step-by-Step Guide to Outperforming 99% of Traders

Trading is a challenging endeavour that often eludes many aspiring traders. The road to consistent profitability is fraught with pitfalls, but it's not an insurmountable feat. With the right knowledge and approach, you can rise above the crowd and join

  • 8 tips for beginners in forex trading

8 Tips for Beginners to Forex Trading

The Forex market, also known as the Foreign Exchange market, is where people from all over the world come to trade currencies. It's a 24/5 market with a staggering daily trading volume of $6.6 trillion in 2019, making it the

  • 3 die depicting the words 'facts' and 'myths'

Common Forex Trading Myths Debunked

Forex trading is a world of opportunity, but it's also a realm filled with trading myths that can cast unnecessary doubts and hesitations upon aspiring traders. At Learn to Trade, we frequently encounter these misconceptions, and it's our mission to

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